Midtown Buzz Mobile Hackathon Official Rules
(subject to change)

  • Registration. Online registration ends at 5:00 pm EDT on February 6, 2014 or when maximum event capacity is reached. We encourage you to register early to ensure a spot! Walk-in registrations on Feb. 7 will be allowed only if the event has remaining capacity.
  • Start & End Times. Teams may begin working at 8:00pm EDT on Friday, Feb 7 and must complete by around 5pm EDT on Sun., Feb 9. Teams are encouraged to discuss their ideas and sketch out a plan for their application prior to the event, but the bulk of the work/development of the solution must be done during the event.
  • Topics. You can work on any area related to the event that is of interest to you. We’ve put together a resources page where you can find data sets. But feel free to can pull in additional sources as well.
  • Languages & Tools.  Solution submissions can be any form of common technology, including websites, widgets, mashups, standalone applications, mobile apps, maps, and commonly accessible technologies. Participants are expected to bring the necessary hardware and software tools to build the solutions (you need your laptop if you are a developer).
  • Open Source.  All code produced during the event must be made available under an open source license so that others can use it, remix it and mash it up. All work becomes public domain and must be licensed under a Creative Commons or similar license that allows anyone to use, distribute and build upon the code for free. All code must be made available in an open repository such as Github. All submissions must fully disclose all technologies, libraries, and plugins used to build their app and be accompanied by a list of all third-party components used in creation of the application (including stock photos, libraries, plug-ins, frameworks, APIs, etc.) Please try to use free, open technologies.
  • Source Code Rights.  All submissions must not violate the rights of other parties. Participant represents and warrants that the submission is free of any known virus or malware. Georgia Tech and any other affiliate of this hackathon may share a free license with Georgia Tech and its affiliates for products, ideas or concepts developed at the event. Thus, Georgia Tech and its affiliates may not lay any claim to intellectual property, source code, documentation or applications developed as part of this event, but may freely use them.
  • Data. All provided data is furnished for the purpose of the Midtown Buzz Storytelling Hackathon. Anyone seeking to use the data for any other purposes should check with the source owners to confirm other use permissions.
  • Intellectual Property. Participant warrants that participant is the original creator of and/or has all right, title, and interest in and to the submitted work and that the submitted work does not and will not infringe any intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark, patent and trade secret, or any other proprietary right. But participants are asked to share a free license with Georgia Tech and its affiliates for products, ideas or concepts developed at the event.
  • Media Release. By participating in Midtown Buzz Storytelling Hackathon, participants grant organizers and participating members of the media rights to publicly disclose competition event information, review and describe applications developed and presented during the event, and rights to display event-related photos, screen shots, and links to publicly available demonstrations of contest entries.
  • Public Image. Submissions must not contain any matter, which in the sole discretion of the Sponsor or Judges is deemed to adversely affect the public image or reputation of IPat or Midtown Alliance, or those affiliated with this hackathon. Such submissions will not be accepted and will be disqualified.